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About Us

Welcome to!!! is an online advertising service that offers a platform to the users to get connected to the target audience in India. The opportunity to post 100% FREE ads empowers the customers with the relevant, convenient, simple and credible solutions for attaining the best products and services.

The e-Biz service is introduced and fully owned by Cyber Unicorn Pvt. Ltd., a dominantly active player in the e-Business Industry - EBI. Cyber Unicorn Pvt. Ltd via offers you online advertising resource for you to succeed online in the current challenging environment. It is developed by keeping all international quality standards. opens up a wide range of receptive and targeted audience for all category ads for selling, buying and also sharing the ads through social Media Networks. Varying from individuals to extreme enterprises can utilize the mass exposure of

We provide effective solutions for all buyers and sellers to get connected profitably and effortlessly. The social experience is delivered through the extensive domain of authentic advertisements in a safe and secure manner. Numerous postings and thousands of visitors each day is our assurance and simple solution that can assist you to succeed needs and complications, all with a pleasurable experience. We promise!

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Targeted Reach connects you to the target mass audiences on the Web world. Internet, being the widest communication media has 130 million users across India and expected to be 380 million by 2017.
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The unique feature offered is that our platform is ABSOLUTELY FREE for all the individuals for promoting their needs of any category – business, automobile, jobs, service, education, health, personal, events, electronics, real estate, garage, social media, household, pets, holiday, promotion and many more to make the process effective and easy. This new generation online classifieds is interactive and global display place that connects across the globe and serves through large portfolio of industry leading services. 

Quality ads and user friendliness combined with ensured trust and security is the essence that connects with the users all over India. The best deal is just around the corner!!